Videomapping meets documentary
in a boundless art installation

Our mission: give back the suburbs to the suburbs

Sinfonie Urbane is one of 100 winners of the first edition of the Lazio Region's Vitamina G found. Co-produced with the association Periferie Proiettate and created by the artistic duo JAB and artistic director Valerio Ciampicacigli, Sinfonie Urbane is the world's first example of Documapping, a narrative and innovative videomapping.

Videomapping- which consists of a projection that exploits the architecture present in the area by interacting and merging with it- is in fact usually of a purely aesthetic and artistic nature. For the first time, however, these elements are going to be integrated with the narrative elements of documentary filmmaking.

Documapping is an itinerant format that consists of two phases: a first phase of filming in the chosen territory and a second phase of returning the audiovisual content through narrative and immersive mapping.